Customer surveys

We need your feedback!

Thank you for visiting Washington state parks! We are gathering information to help us better understand your visitor experience, including your preferences, motivations and satisfaction with Washington state parks.

We value your feedback and are working to improve our quality of service. Last year, more than 10,000 park visitors took our survey. Based on their comments and suggestions, we are conducting a Wi-Fi pilot project at Pacific Beach and Potholes state parks and at the Dry Falls Visitor Center to determine the feasibility of providing Wi-Fi in more parks.

Please take a few minutes and fill out the survey listed below. We hope that after each visit to a Washington state park, you will take the online survey - and keep helping us make parks better for all! You will be directed to the Survey Monkey site where State Parks conducts its customer surveys.

Thanks for your support!

Customer satisfaction survey

Surveying in parks this summer

To reach even more parks visitors, we also conduct surveys in person at approximately 20 parks each summer. This year, we are surveying in a different park area in eastern Washington each week from June to August. The survey is administered using iPads and survey software that requires no computer skills from the visitors and only very basic skills from volunteers. Last year’s volunteer survey takers enjoyed the experience of meeting many different people in the park. We are looking for volunteer survey takers to help conduct these surveys.

Interested in being a volunteer survey taker? Please sign up by completing the volunteer registration form. (You can also click on this link to see a list of all available assignments.) We will then follow up with you to provide the information and support you need to be a visitor survey taker.