Fort Flagler State Park


Camp Hoskins:
  • 1-3 dorms
  • Dining hall
  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms and showers
Camp Wilson:
  • Bunks
  • Restroom and showers
  • Small kitchen
Camp Richmond:
  • A dorm
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms and showers

Fort Flagler's Recreation Hall is available for meetings and includes:

  • A small kitchen
  • Restrooms
  • Space for up to 75 guests (day-use fees apply)


  • Beds or cots
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Kitchen utensils and dishes
  • Paper towels and toilet paper

Not Provided

  • Bedding or sleeping bags
  • Firewood
  • First aid equipment
  • Kitchen linens and dish-washing supplies


  • Day trips to nearby Fort Worden State Park
  • Fishing and clamming
  • Hiking on the beach and trails
  • Historical museum
  • Softball and volleyball areas


The facilities are available year round.


Full camp can accommodate a minimum of 178 and maximum of 269 people.

Camp Hoskins

  • Three dorms accommodates a minimum of 130 people and maximum of 180 people
  • Two dorms accommodates a minimum of 70 and a maximum of 120 people
  • One dorm accommodate a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 60 people
  • Check out a virtual tour of Camp Hoskins.

Camp Richmond

  • Accommodates a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 52 people
  • If available, may include a second dorm to accommodate a minimum of 62 and maximum of 112
  • View a virtual tour of Camp Richmond.

Camp Wilson

  • Full camp accommodates a minimum of 23 and maximum of 37 people
  • Partial camp can accommodate a minimum of 15 and maximum of 22 people
  • Access a virtual tour of Camp Wilson.

There is a two-night stay minimum on weekends year-round and all nights from May 1 - Sept. 30.

Park location

10541 Flagler Road
Nordland, WA 98358

  1. Rules
  2. Rates
  3. FAQ


  1. Application and use permit – a use permit is required for use of any retreat center facility. A reservation request is made by contacting reservation staff by calling (360) 902-8660 or emailing. Phone requests receive priority over email. Reservations may be requested one year in advance of arrival date. 

    Application must be signed and initialed by the user group representative and returned with the deposit within 14 days of booking. The reservation is not confirmed until the approved use permit is returned to the user group. Approved use permits are non transferrable. The use permit is revocable for failure to adhere to all rules, regulations and standards.

    – A permit is required for any alcohol consumption at a retreat center. Permits may be obtained through the retreat center reservation office and are free of charge. Application must be completed and mailed to the park at least 15 days prior to arrival. For an alcohol permit, the event may not be open to the public and liquor may not be sold. See additional rules included on the alcohol permit. The alcohol permit is revocable for failure to adhere to all Rules, Regulations, and Standards.

    – Four retreat centers may permit archery if requested: Camp Moran, Cornet Bay, Camp Wooten and Puffer Butte. Archery permits may be obtained through the retreat center reservation office and are free of charge, however do require an insurance binder with reference to the specific activity. Application must be completed and mailed to the park with the insurance binder at least 15 days prior to arrival. The archery permit is revocable for failure to adhere to all rules, regulations and standards.

    Arrival & departure times – The arrival time shown on the reservation is your official scheduled arrival time. Any changes to arrival and departure times and/or dates must be approved in advance by calling (360) 902 8600. Additional charges may apply. Any changes made without prior approval are not guaranteed. If you anticipate being more than one hour later than your specified time, you must contact the park directly to arrange for a later check-in time. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fee. The entire group and all personal items must be ready to go at the departure time specified on the front of the form unless alternate times have been arranged with park staff. Failure to do so may result in additional fees. 

    Cleanliness – user group shall maintain the facility in a neat, orderly and sanitary condition at all times. Before check out, the user group shall clean the facility according to check-out instructions from park staff. Cleaning will include sweeping/mopping floors; oven, refrigerator, freezer and microwave will be clear of all dishes and wiped clean; all dishes, pots, pans, etc. must be washed, dried and put away; tables wiped off and put away; chairs stacked; all garbage/recycle shall be put in its appropriate place. The group’s designated representative is responsible for confirming with park staff regarding cleaning and check-out procedures. 

    Daily attendance 
    – As directed by park staff, the group’s designated representative shall record daily attendance by users, including motorhomes, tent or day use users. User group may have less than the minimum, however minimum fees still apply.

    Damage/liability/accidents – User group is liable for damage to or loss of State Park property occurring as a result of use that is in excess of normal wear and tear. The users shall not alter or damage the facility and may not damage any natural feature of the facility, including trees, shrubs or flowers. The group’s designated representative shall advise the park staff immediately of any injury to any user and any damage to any part of the facility.

    Discover Pass – A Discover Pass is not required for overnight users. Groups reserving for the day or day use only users must have and display a valid Discover Pass in each vehicle. Single day passes can be purchased at the park.

    Health and safety standards - User group shall comply with all applicable health and safety standards.  

    Electrical appliances – Except with permission of the park manager, electric appliances, other than those provided, are prohibited. 

    Facility use – User group may not exceed the rated occupancy capacities of the facility without prior approval of park manager, subject to limitations imposed by park manager. Park staff may restrict the use of buildings or areas within the facility when necessary to protect the health or safety of the user group.

    Group representative – The user group shall have a designated representative at the facility at all times during the group’s use; such designated representative is responsible for the activities of the group. 

    Kitchen use – Retreat centers include a full-service kitchen, including generally everything necessary to prepare and serve meals. We do not offer catering services, however, groups may hire a catering service that may use the kitchen facility.

    Motor vehicles – Except with permission of the park manager, motor vehicles may be driven only in authorized areas and parked only in designated parking areas. 

    Outdoor fires – Outdoor fires are permitted only in designated areas, provided no burn restrictions are in effect. Fires may not be left unattended. 

    Payments – A deposit is required within 14 days of booking to approve the reservation. The deposit includes a non-refundable reservation fee. The deposit will be applied to your final invoice and the remaining balance for use is due at check out. Payment is accepted in cash, check, money order, purchase order or credit card.  State Parks accepts Visa and Mastercard only. No new reservations will be approved until all previous outstanding balances for previous use have been paid in full.

    Personal items – Washington State Parks is not responsible for any personal items left at the facility. Please label all personal items (knives, recreational equipment, pots, pans, etc.) so as not to get them confused with park property. 

    Pets – Pets are allowed at retreat center facilities, with the following rules. All pets must be kept under physical control, on a leash no greater than 8 feet in length, or otherwise physically restrained, at all times while in a state park area. User group shall clean up after their pets and properly dispose of pet waste. Except with permission of the park manager, pets are not allowed in the buildings at the facility. Service animals are permitted. No pets are allowed at Millersylvania or Lewis & Clark retreat centers.

    Quiet hours – Quiet times are between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. Except with permission of the park manager, no person shall use sound-emitting equipment at a volume which emits sound beyond the immediate area of use at any time.

    Restrictions – No smoking, firearms or fireworks are permitted at the facility.

    RVs & tents 
    – Self-contained recreational vehicles and/or tents are allowed with permission of the park manager, subject to limitations imposed by park manager. Individuals staying in tents or RVs will be charged the standard overnight rate. 

    Sale of goods – Sale of goods, food or merchandise is not allowed under the use permit. A separate Commercial Use Permit is required.  For more information, visit the permits page or call (360) 902-8593.