Winter Recreation fees

The Discover Pass may be required for winter recreation. Please review our brochure (PDF), which summarizes passes needed for the different winter recreation sites.

Snowmobile registration

Snowmobile registrations are valid October 1 through Sept. 30 and includes a seasonal snowmobile Sno-Park permit for the towing vehicle parked at designated snowmobile Sno-Parks. Snowmobiles are registered through the Department of Licensing and registered agents. Fees are as follows:

  • Non-vintage snowmobile: $50
  • Vintage snowmobile (sleds at least 30 years old): $12

Sno-Park permits

Permits cost more if purchased from a retail vendor (vendor service charge) instead of directly from State Parks. Fees are as follows:

  • One-day permit: $20 ($22 from retail vendor)
    Allows one-day parking at all winter sports Sno-Parks, including special groomed trails areas.
  • Seasonal permit: $40 ($42 from retail vendor)
    Allows parking at all winter sports Sno-Parks. A seasonal permit is non-transferable between vehicles. Some Sno-Parks require only a seasonal permit for season parking. Others require both the seasonal permit and the special groomed trails permit (sticker) in order to use the designated Sno-Park.
  • Special Groomed Trails permit: $40 ($42 from retail vendor)
    Required, in conjunction with seasonal permit above, for parking at designated special groomed trails Sno-Parks with higher trail maintenance costs.

For more information on Sno-Park permits, including a list of vendors, visit our Winter Recreation page.