Off-Season Senior Citizen Pass

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission offers this pass to Washington state residents who are at least 62 years of age.
 The pass costs $75 per year. Benefits include:Senior Off Season Pass

  • Free camping (unless you are staying in a site with utilities. For those sites, there is a $10 nightly fee.)
  • Free moorage

The pass is valid seven days a week from Oct. 1 to March 31, and from Sunday through Thursday from March 31 through April 30. The pass can be purchased annually beginning Sept. 1 at most parks and at State Parks headquarters in Tumwater. If you have already been issued a Senior Citizens Limited Income Pass, the cost of the off-season pass is $37.50.

How to use the pass

The pass is valid only in Washington state parks. It is not valid at National Parks, at state recreation lands managed by Washington State Department of Natural Resources or the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

What you will need to apply

Submit proof that you are at least 62 years of age and a Washington state resident. State law requires that you are a Washington state resident for at least 3 months prior to applying for this pass. 


You may be required to provide one of the following to verify your status.

  • For residency: Washington state driver’s license; Washington ID card; voter registration card; property tax exemption; or other documentation as approved. Must be Washington resident for the past three consecutive months. Applicant cannot claim multiple state residency.
  • For age: Washington state driver’s license or ID card; copy of birth certificate; notarized affidavit of age; witnessed statement of age; senior citizen property tax exemption; or baptismal certificate.

Note: If you do not have any of these forms, we may accept other documents on a case-by-case basis.


Print and complete the application using the link below. 

Off-season Senior Citizen Pass Application (PDF)

If you have trouble printing the application, you may pick one up at your nearest state park or regional Washington State Parks headquarters. To have an application mailed to you, please call (360) 902-8844, or the Washington Telecommunication Relay Service at (800) 833-6388, or send an email to

Completed applications will not be accepted prior to Sept. 1.

Washington State Parks
1111 Israel Road SW
P.O. Box 42650
Olympia, WA 98504

Washington State parks Discount Pass Rules and expectations

Pass holder expectations:

  • Do not alter or make copies of your pass.  Never share your pass or pass number with others.


  • Pass holders will be charged $15 to replace lost, stolen, or damaged passes. 


  • The pass does not provide discounts on annual permits, reservation fees, extra vehicle fees, roofed shelters, group camps or other services, except as noted. 


  • The pass cannot be used with any other pass or discount. 


  • The pass holder must cancel reservations if unable to use them.


Camping rules:


  • The pass holder must be camping and present at the site to receive a discount. 


  • The pass is only valid for the person it is issued to. The pass must be valid and physically with you during your visit. Be prepared to provide photo ID.


  • All camping discounts and associated benefits are limited to the site the pass holder is camping in.   Discounts and fee reductions are limited to 1 campsite or moorage site per night.


  • Do not make duplicate or multiple reservations for the same night. Including double sites.


Park rules:


  • Camping is limited to 10 consecutive nights at any single park from April 1 through Sept. 30, and 20 consecutive nights the rest of the year. 


  • Moorage is limited to three consecutive nights at any single park. 


  • Pass holders are expected to treat park staff with respect, always follow park rules and staff guidance.  


Violations of these rules, or any other park rules, may result in pass benefit suspension or revocation.