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In 2019, Westport Golf INC approached Washington State Parks with a proposal to construct, operate and manage a Scottish links style “artisanal” golf course and a 30- to 40-room inn as part of overall development of Westport Light State Park near Westport.

State Parks is in the process of considering the proposal, but no decisions have been made at this time.


Washington State Parks, Westport Golf INC and City of Westport staff held a community meeting on Oct. 8 in Westport, WA. Westport Golf INC presented their approach and concept and answered questions from the audience. About 150 people attended the meeting.

The Westport South Beach Historical Society recorded this meeting and posted it to their YouTube page here: 


On Aug. 7, 2020, Washington State Parks and Westport Golf INC entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) outlining the process steps — or milestones — that must be taken for the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission to consider this request.

The milestones include:

  • Pre-scoping (conducting ecological and environmental studies)
  • Analyzing of site opportunities and constraints based on what was learned in the pre-scoping milestone
  • Developing a master plan development
  • Conducting State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) review

These steps will provide the Commission with enough information to consider approving the proposed master plan for Westport Light State Park. Throughout the process, State Parks, Westport Golf INC and the City of Westport will work together to host public and stakeholder meetings to keep the public informed and collect input.

No decisions about this proposal have been made.


The public will be invited to attend a community meeting to learn more about the potential opportunities and constraints of the site once the ecological and environmental studies have been completed. This meeting is expected to take place in fall or winter of 2021, due to the length of time required for the work to be completed.


Environmental and ecological studies for Westport Light State Park are underway and expected to be completed sometime in the fall of 2021.


The Westport Golf LLC proposal is consistent with Washington State Parks’ 2015 real estate policy update, which provides for development of privately financed recreational facilities in state parks. In 2016, the State Parks Commission completed a public process to select four pilot sites for private investment, known as Recreation Concession Areas (RCAs). Westport Light State Park was one of the four parks identified.  

The purpose of RCAs is not to privatize the parks system but to provide park visitors with amenities that are beyond State Parks’ financial capacity or expertise, while generating revenue to help operate the park system.


In 2015, State Parks acquired nearly 300 acres through a $1.9 million grant from the Recreation and Conservation Office. The land purchase enabled State Parks to connect Westhaven State Park and Westport Light State Park with the newly acquired property located between the two parks. The parks and new property, located in Grays Harbor county, now total 603 acres and are known collectively as Westport Light State Park. For more information, visit: https://parks.state.wa.us/284/Westport-Light.

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