Public records requests

COVID-19 Message

Effective Dec. 7, 2020, the Legislature approved a request by Governor Inslee to extend Proclamation 20-28 Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act through Jan. 19, 2021.

Gov. Inslee issued a two-week “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order on March 24 to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). He also issued a proclamation regarding public meetings and inspections of public records during this time. The full text of the proclamation can be found here. As it relates to public record requests/the Public Records Act (Chapter 42.56 Revised Code of Washington), the proclamation, temporarily suspends the language in:

  • RCW 42.56.080(2) which requires an agency to make public records available for inspection in person.
  • RCW 42.56.090 which requires an agency to make public records available for a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • RCW 42.56.100 which requires an agency provide “full public access to records.”
  • RCW 42.56.520(1) which requires an agency to acknowledge/respond to a public records request within five business days of receipt.

The Public Records Act and transparency are important to State Parks, and we are striving to continue our service to the public during these challenging and unprecedented times. Our Records Office staff are working (remotely) while the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order is in effect. We will do our best to process your requests in a timely manner.

A public record request can be made to the Washington State Parks Records Office. To request records, please complete and send in a Request for Public Record form (PDF). You may email the parks office the completed form, or mail it to:

Washington State Parks
Public Records Request
P.O. Box 42650
Olympia, WA 98504-2650

Release of/access to many types of lists which may be used for commercial purposes is prohibited by the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56.070[8]).

Some information may be redacted or exempted from records, including:

  • Personal information (i.e., child information, personal information of public employees, contact information);
  • Health information;
  • Deliberative process information and drafts (i.e., preliminary drafts or recommendations, notes and intra-agency communication if they pertain to the agency’s deliberative process and show the exchange of opinions within the agency before it reaches a final decision or takes action);
  • Attorney-client privileged communications;
  • Financial information (i.e., banking and financial information, social security numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, driver license numbers); and
  • Public employee records (i.e., active investigations, employee performance evaluations where there is no discussion of specific incidents of misconduct, applicant information, test and exam questions.

A full list of exemptions can be found in the Public Records Act.

Typically, when records content is redacted, the information will be removed and the document will be marked with the applicable statutory information. If the entire document is exempted, the requester will be provided with only a description of the document.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission uses the default fee schedule from the Public Records Act to recover actual costs of provided records. Payment is required before records are provided.

Fee schedule

Charge Type/size of record
$.15 Per page for photocopies or printed copies.
$.10 Per page for copies converted into an electronic format.
$.05 Per each four electronic files or attachments uploaded to an e-mail or other electronic delivery method.
$.10 Per gigabyte for electronic files provided in an electronic format.
Actual cost Per any digital storage device such as a compact disc, digital video disc, universal serial bus flash drive, etc.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission currently waives fees totaling less than $5.

For questions, contact the Records Office by emailing the office or calling (360) 902-8514.