Boat Prepared

Before heading out on the water, it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. Boaters are required to carry specific safety equipment, which may vary according to size and type of boat. Required equipment and additional gear can save you life should you end up in an unfortunate situation.

Always remember to plan ahead, be aware of your surroundings, file a float plan and stick to it!

It’s essential to be prepared with the required equipment and with the things that aren't required. Think of items you may need or forgot the last time you went boating. Make sure to restock your boat everytime you head out on the water. Having a fire extinguisher on board isn’t very useful if it’s expired. 
The following checklist has the necessary gear and equipment that all boat owners should have aboard their boat. Aside from the required items, every boat should carry other supplies like a bucket, first-aid kit, a tool kit, sun protection, and food and water in case of an emergency.   

Once you have safety taken care of, the only thing left is fun!

  1. State Requirements
  2. Cold Water Immersion and Hypothermia 
For a list of requirements, download the Washington State Adventures in Boating Handbook. The PDF download is located underneath the Table of Contents to the left of your screen. The download is free and you can save it on your smartphone or tablet.