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Washington State Parks Recreational Boating Safety Program
The mission of the Washington State Parks Boating Programs is to help ensure the public has a safe, secure, and enjoyable recreational boating experience by implementing programs that minimize the loss of life, personal injury, and property damage while cooperating with environmental efforts. 

The program provides boater safety education and information, boating enforcement, and conveniently located boater septic pump-out facilities. It's funded by registration fees and fuel taxes paid for by boaters. No general fund tax dollars are used to support this program or any of its services. All boater paid fees go back to the boaters in the form of boating access facilities, boating safety education, and law enforcement. 

For questions, please contact:
Wade Alonzo, Boating Law Administrator
Derek VanDyke, Education Program Specialist
Lynn Satre, Communications Consultant
Hoyle Hodges, Law Enforcement Coordinator

  1. Boater Education Campaign
  2. Boating Under the Influence (BUI) Campaigns
  3. Wear IT! Life Jacket Campaign
  4. Boating Toolbox: Checklists, Media Fact Sheets, etc.

The Boater Education campaign is a year-around message focused spreading the boating safety message and encouraging boaters to take a boating safety course. Boater education required by law in Washington state. Boaters 12-60 years of age are required to take an approved course and carry their card while driving a boat on Washington's waterways. 

Take a boating safety course - Know the rules of the road!

Parks Boater Ed Card PWC