Fudge Point Planning

Beach at Fudge Point

In late 2013, with assistance of the Trust for Public Lands, State Parks purchased 60 acres of land on Harstine Island, with nearly a mile of saltwater frontage. In February 2014, an additional 76 acres of generally logged over uplands was purchased to provide some of the upland land base needed for parking, day use and potential camping or cabins to support public use of what will be one of the finest beaches in the state park system.

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (WSPRC) is beginning a planning process for the Fudge Point property located on Harstine Island in Mason County. The property is 136 acres in size, and could be developed for public access.

Harstine Island, the second largest island in Puget Sound, is located between the mainland of Mason County and Pierce County Key Peninsula. The island, which is accessed by a bridge across Pickering Passage, is home to several State Park properties, including Jarrell Cove, McMicken Island, and the Harstine and Scott properties.

The purpose of the planning process is to engage the public with a series of meetings held in the Mason County community for the development of a document called a “Classification and Management Plan” or CAMP. The CAMP project classifies park lands, and identifies resource management issues and general approaches for addressing them through careful analysis of resource inventories, technical information, and an issue-based public planning process in each project park. 

Stakeholders and staff identify the specific issues facing the park, and suggest management approaches designed to resolve these issues, during a series of public planning workshops. The classification of lands, when combined with issue-identification and management approaches, provides an effective means of using staff and public concerns to balance resource protection with recreational opportunities at the park.

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