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Seminary Building with people walking up to it
During the 2016 legislative session, the House passed and Governor Inslee signed ESSHB 2667, which affects the Daniels's proposed rehabilitation project of the Saint Edward Seminary.

The bill, signed by Governor Inslee in April, amended RCW 79A.05.025 allowing the Commission a 5 to 7 vote to enter into a 62 year-long lease of the Seminary. 

As a result, State Parks will likely not pursue a land exchange, which will prevent a potential Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) property conversion. The bill also included an additional requirement, however, which stated that the Commission may only enter into a lease, if it 

 " …finds an economic study, conducted by Department of Commerce, fails to identify an economically viable public or nonprofit use of property consistent with the State Parks mission."

This economic feasibility study has affected the Daniels rehabilitation project. 

Currently, the Daniels's proposal, as well as the results of the feasibility study, are being analyzed by State Parks Staff and the Commission. The study was completed July 31, 2016. By September, the Commission will consider any viable alternatives to the Daniels proposal. Regardless of the outcome, a new timeline with milestones will be presented to the public in September.

Department of Commerce Process
The Department of Commerce study is attached below for your review.
Background Information
In the current project, State Parks would acquire a 9.77-acre property known as the McDonald property (Parcel number 1426049014) while Daniels Real Estate will lease and develop a 5.5 acre area. The project is:  

  • Expand the overall footprint of the park with the acquisition of the McDonald property. The land is contiguous with the park and includes 450-feet of shoreline on Lake Washington.
  • Facilitate rehabilitation of the Saint Edward Seminary for use as a hotel. In addition, Daniels Real Estate would lease the pool and gymnasium buildings.
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  • Built in 1931, the Saint Edward Seminary Building is a significant historical structure and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. The seminary structure and associated landscape are part of a collection of 700 historic structures and sites managed and cared for by Washington State Parks.

    Aging Seminary needs rehabilitation
    The aging Seminary building has been in a state of disrepair for years. Rehabilitation would require resources well beyond State Parks' means. 

    At its regular meeting on September 2014, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission directed staff to explore the possibility of rehabilitating the building. (download the agenda and minutes. Action item on the Seminary building begins on page 101.) Previously, in 2013, the Commission also adopted a resolution to authorize  the Director of State Parks to "explore partnerships with other public and private sector entities for the purpose of rehabilitating the Saint Edward Seminary building". In addition, the Commission will consider the results of Commerce study and consider time extension of the Daniels Real Estate proposal.

    Contact Information:

    Project Leads: Michael Hankinson, Planner 

    Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission E-mail 

    Phone: (360) 902-8671 P.O. Box 42650, Olympia, WA 98504-2650