Parks Le - Pa

  1. Lewis & Clark Trail

    Lewis and Clark Trail State Park is a 37-acre camping park with 1,333 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Touchet River.

  2. Lime Kiln Point

    Lime Kiln Point is a 36-acre day-use park set on the west side of San Juan Island. The park is considered one of the best places in the world to view whales from a land-based facility.

  3. Lincoln Rock

    Lincoln Rock State Park is an 80-acre camping park on the east side of Lake Entiat, created by Rocky Reach Dam blocking the flow of the Columbia River north of Wenatchee.

  4. Lyons Ferry

    Lyons Ferry is a 1,000-acre camping park located at the confluence of the Palouse and Snake rivers and was once home to early groups of the Palouse Indians .

  5. Manchester

    Manchester State Park is a 111-acre camping park with 3,400 feet of saltwater shoreline on Rich Passage in Puget Sound. The park is covered in woods of fir and maple.

  6. Maryhill

    Maryhill State Park is a 99-acre camping park with 4,700 feet of waterfront on the Columbia River in Klickitat County.

  7. Matia Island

    Matia Island State Park is a 145-acre marine park with 20,676 feet of saltwater shoreline on the Strait of Georgia. The island is part of the San Juan National Wildlife Refuge.

  8. McMicken Island

    McMicken Island State Park is an 11.5 acre marine park with 1,661 feet of saltwater shoreline. It is situated in the beautiful South Puget Sound and features a pristine cove to set anchor.

  9. Millersylvania

    Millersylvania State Park is an 842-acre camping park with 3,300 feet of freshwater shoreline on Deep Lake. The park, filled with trails, is abundant in old-growth cedar and fir trees.

  10. Moran

    Moran State Park is a 5,252-acre camping park with five freshwater lakes and over 30 miles of hiking trails.

  11. Mount Pilchuck

    Mount Pilchuck State Park is a 1,893-acre day-use park that features mountainous alpine terrain with diverse scenic and recreation attractions.

  12. Mount Spokane

    Mount Spokane State Park is a 13,919-acre camping park in the Selkirk Mountains. The view at the top of the 5,883-foot elevation includes surrounding states and Canada.

  1. Mystery Bay

    This 10-acre marine park is reachable by car or boat. The park features 685 feet of saltwater shoreline on Mystery Bay and offers a spectacular view of the Olympic Mountains.

  2. Nine Mile Recreation Area

    Riverside State Park also includes the Nine Mile Recreation Area.

  3. Nolte

    Nolte State Park is a 117-acre day-use park with 7,174 feet of freshwater shoreline on Deep Lake in the Green River Gorge.

  4. Obstruction Pass

    Obstruction Pass State Park is an 80-acre camping park on the south end of Orcas Island in San Juan County, south of Moran State Park.

  5. Ocean City

    Ocean City State Park is a year-round, 170-acre camping park, featuring ocean beach, dunes and dense thickets of shore pine.

  6. Olallie

    Olallie State Park is known for the scenic beauty of its two waterfalls. Located on the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains, this day-use park features 6 miles of hiking trail for visitors to explore the 2,500 acres of cliff formations and old-growth forest, teeming with huckleberries.

  7. Olmstead Place

    Olmstead Place State Park is a 217-acre day-use park. The park hosts tours and school field trips. Pioneer artifacts are plentiful in the park.

  8. Pacific Beach

    Pacific Beach State Park is a 10-acre camping park with 2,300 feet of ocean shoreline. The beach provides a variety of wonders, from dramatic surf to beachcombing.

  9. Pacific Pines

    Pacific Pines State Park sits on the Pacific shore. The area is conducive to all manner of day-trip beach activity and nature observation.

  10. Palouse Falls

    Palouse Falls State Park is a 105-acre camping park with a unique geology and history. The park offers a dramatic view of one of the state's most beautiful waterfalls.

  11. Paradise Point

    Paradise Point State Park is an 88-acre camping park with 6,180 feet of freshwater shoreline, immediately east of the interstate.

  12. Patos Island

    Patos Island State Park is a 207-acre marine park with 20,000 feet of saltwater shoreline. The island is owned by the federal government and is administered by the Bureau of Land Management's Wenatchee Office.