Islands Marine Center

Located on Lopez Island in Fisherman's Bay in San Juan County Islands Marine Center is a Certified Clean Marina.

The pumpout is located at:

Latitude: 48┬░ 30' 53.54" (48.51487)
Longitude: 122┬░ 54' 52.94" (-122.9147)

Pumpout Facility Information
  • Private marina with a stationary pumpout available to the public
  • Open year round, except during freezing temperatures
  • Fee of not more than $5 per pumpout will be charged
  • Access to this pumpout is limited to vessels with a length of no more than 80 feet
  • Stop at the front office or call VHF channel 69 to request an attendant
  • Porta-Potty dump station is located at head of B-dock 
Marine Services
  • Boat launch
  • Boat haul out
  • Marine repair services are available on the premises 
  • Overnight moorage
  • Guest dock is 1,100 feet in length
  • 30 amp electrical hookup is available 
  • Estimated minimum depth at mean low tide is approximately 30 feet 
Day-Use & Campground Accommodations
  • Showers
Islands Marine Ctr