Parks A - Co

  1. Alta Lake

    Alta Lake State Park is a 181-acre camping park where the mountainous pine forests meet the desert.

  2. Anderson Lake

    Anderson Lake State Park is a remote day use park of Cedar, Fir, and Alder forest mixed with freshwater marshes.

  3. Battle Ground Lake

    Battle Ground Lake State Park is a camping park with 280 acres of beautiful, forested land in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

  4. Bay View

    Bay View State Park is a 25-acre camping park with 1,285-feet of saltwater shoreline on Padilla Bay.

  5. Beacon Rock

    Beacon Rock State Park is a 5,100-acre year-round camping park with historic significance dating back hundreds of years.

  6. Belfair

    Belfair State Park is a 65-acre, year-round camping park on 3,720-feet of saltwater shoreline at the southern end of Hood Canal in western Washington.

  7. Birch Bay

    Birch Bay State Park is a 194-acre camping park with 8,255-feet of saltwater shoreline on Birch Bay and 14,923-feet of freshwater shoreline on Terrell Creek.

  8. Blake Island

    Blake Island State Park is a 475-acre marine camping park with five miles of saltwater beach shoreline providing magnificent views of the Olympic Mountains and the Seattle skyline.

  9. Blind Island

    Blind Island is a small, 3-acre marine camping park located near the entrance of Blind Bay, Shaw Island.

  10. Bogachiel

    Bogachiel State Park is a thickly forested 123-acre camping park on the banks of the Bogachiel River.

  11. Bottle Beach

    Bottle Beach State Park is a 75-acre day-use park with 6,000-feet of shoreline on Grays Harbor.

  12. Bridgeport

    Bridgeport State Park is a 748-acre camping park with 7,500-feet of freshwater shoreline on Rufus Woods Lake.

  1. Bridle Trails

    Bridle Trails State Park, a 482-acre day-use park, is well-known for its horse trails and equestrian shows.

  2. Brooks Memorial

    Brooks Memorial State Park is a 700-acre, year-round camping park located between the barren hills of the south Yakima Valley and the lodgepole pine forests of the Simcoe Mountains.

  3. Cama Beach

    Cama Beach State Park is on the southwest shore of Camano Island facing Saratoga Passage.

  4. Camano Island

    Camano Island State Park is a 173-acre camping park with 6,700-feet of rocky shoreline and beach.

  5. Camp Wooten

    Located on the Tucannon River in the Blue Mountains, this center offers hiking on forested and mountain trails, canoeing on Donnie Lake, and swimming in an indoor pool.

  6. Cape Disappointment

    Cape Disappointment State Park is a 1,882-acre camping park on the Long Beach Peninsula, fronted by the Pacific Ocean.

  7. Centennial Trail

    Centennial Trail State Park is a 37 mile paved trail, managed by Riverside State Park.

  8. Clark Island

    Clark Island is a 55-acre marine camping and moorage park with 11,292-feet of saltwater shoreline on the Strait of Georgia.

  9. Columbia Hills

    Columbia Hills State Park is a 3,338-acre camping park with 7,500-feet of freshwater shoreline on the Columbia River.

  10. Columbia Plateau Trail

    Columbia Plateau Trail State Park is a 4,109-acre, 130-mile-long rail-bed trail that traces the 1908 original path of the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railroad.

  11. Conconully

    Conconully State Park is an 81-acre camping park with 5,400-feet of freshwater shoreline in north central Washington