Jones Island Marine State Park

Jones Island Marine State park is a 188-acre marine camping park with 25,000-feet of saltwater shoreline on the San Juan channel. The park features a beautiful loop trail down the center of the island then around the western shore. A herd of black-tail deer live on the island. The deer have become habituated to the presence of humans and are quite tame.
Visitors often feed the deer resulting in their becoming dependent on handouts of unnatural foods and potentially dangerous interactions between wild animals and humans. Feeding wildlife is prohibited by law in State parks. Violators may be fined and evicted.
  1. Activities
  2. Boating
  3. Camping
  4. History

Picnic & Day-Use Facilities
Drinking water is available May through September. The park has two pit toilets and four composting toilets. There is no garbage service to the park. Visitors must pack-out what they pack-in.

  • 4 miles of hiking trails
Water Activities & Features
  • 128-feet of dock