Flaming Geyser State Park

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From river to field, Flaming Geyser State Park is alive with sounds of joy. As rafters and kayakers glide past its banks, an array of model airplanes sail and swoop, controlled from the ground by their hobbyist pilots, over an area of the park set aside for such fun. 

Set on a glorious stretch of the Green River east of Auburn, this suburban jewel known for model flying activities, offers wooded hiking and horse trails, expansive fields for play, places to view the fall salmon runs and enjoy sublime summer swimming, fishing and just hanging out.    

Flaming Geyser, a day-use park, is centered around a unique geological feature, a “flaming geyser,” or cluster of once-active methane seeps. The flame no longer burns because of the depletion of its methane source. But the history of the flame, told in interpretive panels at the location, will pique park goers’ curiosity about the living  nature of planet Earth.

With four group picnic sites, this is also the place to hold a company barbecue, birthday party or family reunion. Each site accommodates 50 people and can be reserved for a special occasion. 

Park features

Flaming Geyser State Park is a 503-acre day-use park with more than 3 miles of freshwater shoreline on the Green River.
Automated pay station: This park is equipped with an automated pay station for visitors to purchase a one-day or annual Discover Pass.
Note:  Alcohol is not permitted at Flaming Geyser State Park. This policy is strictly enforced throughout the park, including picnic shelters.

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ADA amenities/facilities

  • Restroom
  • Hiking trail

Picnic & day-use facilities

There are four shelters that can be reserved through the reservation system. Each shelter accommodates groups up to 50 people. There are 200 unsheltered picnic tables. Reservations can be made online or by calling 888-CAMPOUT (888-226-7688). 

Any groups that wish to do a special activity at the park including but not limited to; exceeding 20 people in attendance (including shelter rentals), rocket launching, and weddings are required to have a special activity permit.  Please contact the park to apply at (253) 735-8839.



  • 1 mile of horse trails
  • 4.3 miles of hiking trails

Water activities & features

  • Freshwater fishing
  • Swimming
  • White-water kayaking

Other activities & features

  • Bird watching
  • Four volleyball fields
  • Two fire circles
  • Two sheltered fire circles
  • Wildlife viewing

Interpretive opportunities

Flaming Geyser and river habitat interpretive walks lead by a park ranger are usually available with one week's advance request for groups of 10 - 20 people. There is a self-guided, ADA accessible Salmon Interpretive Trail.

Additional information

  • There is a remote-control, model-airplane flying area in the park.
  • Open lawns are available for softball and other lawn games.
  • A 25-acre open field is available for equestrian use.
  • October through December the Salmon Interpretive Trail and the walkway on the Flaming Geyser Bridge offer excellent opportunity to view wild salmon spawning areas.
  • A recreational license is required for fishing and shellfish harvesting at Washington state parks. For regulations, fishing season information, or to purchase a recreational license, visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.