Laws & Regulations

  1. Marine Law Enforcement

    Washington State Parks rangers, Department of Fish and Wildlife agents, and local authorities enforce the boating laws of Washington.

  2. Regulations

    To ensure your safety on the water as well as others, it is important that boaters be familiar with state laws related to vessel operation.

  3. Boating Accidents

    View information how to report a vessel accident.

  4. Boat Registration

    To navigate, operate, employ, or moor your vessel in Washington, you must have a Washington title, registration card, and registration decals.

  5. Boat Rentals

    The law requires agencies that rent, charter, or lease motorboats or vessels with engines of 15 horsepower or more, to review the Motor Vessel Rental Safety Checklist with renters / operators.

  6. Boating Under the Influence

    No one may operate a vessel on the waters of Washington state while impaired or intoxicated through the consumption of either alcohol or drugs.

  7. Designated Skipper