Mount Baker / Methow

Empire Lake Hall Creek Scatter Creek Anderson / Watson Creeks Canyon Creek Finney Creek Glacier Creek Mount Baker National Recreation Area Segelsen Creek Boulder Creek Crawfish Eightmile Goat Creek Kerr North Summit Peacock Meadows Twisp River Yellowjacket Bonaparte Snowmobile Sno-Parks in the Mount Baker / Methow Area

Thank you for a great season, updates to resume December 2017.
  1. Canyon Creek
  2. Glacier Creek
  3. Mt. Baker NRA
  4. Anderson Creek/Watson
  5. Finney Creek
  6. Segelsen Creek
  7. Yellow Jacket
  8. Eightmile
  9. Kerr
  10. Goat Creek
  11. Boulder Creek
  12. Peacock Meadows
  13. Twisp River
  14. North Summit
  15. Empire Lake
  16. Bonaparte
  17. Hall Creek
  18. Scatter Creek
  19. Crawfish

Canyon Creek
Canyon Creek

Mount Baker Ranger District

Emergency Contact Info:
Whatcom County Sheriff's Office

Snowmobile Sno-Park

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Directions: 2 miles east of Glacier off Highway 542, north on USFS Road 31
Elevation: 1,020 feet
Roadside parking

Trail system 55 miles
No sanitary facilities, scenic view points along trails

Sno-Park Permit required Nov. thru Apr. or as posted. 

Please obey posted signs indicating whether a permit is needed. Contact the local agency listed for each Sno-Park for more information.

Please note:
After periods of extreme weather, work crews may be on trails during the day to clear debris or drifts. Please exercise caution.
 2016-2017 SEASON

Groomer: Industrial Mowing and Spraying
Grooming reports are updated when trail grooming information is provided. Reports are posted Monday thru Saturday. No updates on Sundays or holidays.

Schedule is subject to change.