Fields Spring State Park

Fields Spring Teepees

Fields Spring State Park has two teepees available during the summer months. One teepee has a raised wooden floor, while the other teepee has an indoor / outdoor carpet floor. Both are 18 feet in diameter. Campers must take along their own sleeping bags and sleeping pads. The teepees are in a peaceful and quiet area of the park. Campers may use the nearby restrooms and picnic shelter. 


Each teepee can accommodate up to six people.


The rate for each teepee is $40 plus tax per night.

To make a reservation at this park, visit the reservation website. The teepees are available from June 15 through Labor Day each year.

Rental Notice

  • Bed linens are not provided. Campers must bring their own linens and blankets.
  • Cooking is not allowed in platform tents, wall tents, teepees, lookouts, or yurts. Cooking is allowed only in cabins with kitchenettes.
  • Pets are only permitted in designated pet-friendly overnight accommodations for an additional fee.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside.
  • Washington State Parks pass discounts do not apply to cabins, platform tents, teepees, vacation houses, yurts, or other roofed overnight accommodations.

Reservations & Cancellations
Unless otherwise noted above, reservations may be made year round online or by calling (888) CAMPOUT or (888) 226-7688. Reservations may be made nine months in advance of the arrival date. The rental fee and non-refundable reservation fee must be paid in full at the time a reservation is made. This holds the rental facility until 1 p.m. on the day after the first reserved night.

Cancellations may be made online or by calling (888) CAMPOUT or (888) 226-7688.