What's your idea of fun? Whether it's birdwatching, boating, mushing sled dogs, or digging for clams, you'll find a place to pursue your passion in Washington's many state parks.
  1. Boating

    Take a look at boating information, including launching, moorage, and more.

  2. Geocaching

    Find out about geocaching in Washington state parks.

  3. Metal Detecting

    Discover information on metal detecting in Washington state parks.

  4. Miscellaneous Activities

    Look at a variety of uncategorized activities.

  1. Trails

    Take a look at trails for hiking, mountain biking, and more.

  2. Water & Beach Activities

    Explore water and beach activities available in Washington state parks.

  3. Winter Recreation

    Check out the wide variety of winter recreation activities that can be done in Washington.