Moran Mount Constitution Interpretive Center

Viewing the Site for Interpretive Center

Mount Constitution Interpretive Center Proposed Site

Looking Up at Moran Tower

Mount Constitution Observation Tower

One of Moran State Parks foremost attractions is the summit of Mount Constitution and the Observation Tower. 2,409 feet above sea level, the summit provides an unparalleled panoramic view of the other San Juan Islands, the Cascade Mountains, and surrounding communities. It also connects visitors to networks of trails and recreational opportunities spread across the 5,252-acre park. Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is undertaking a new Interpretive Center containing significant interpretive exhibits. These new exhibits will help visitors appreciate the importance of Mount Constitution in the context of their journey to the park, the summit, and, for those who are able to climb, the Observation Tower. They will understand the geological origins of the mountain, its unique ecology, and why human and natural communities have been drawn to it for thousands of years.

State Parks has hired HKP Architects to design an approximately 1,800 SF Center below the Tower and Creo Industrial Arts to design the interpretive exhibits. These Consultant teams will prepare site plans, building plans, building elevations, interpretive exhibit drawings and indicate materials.

We encourage the Public to provide input throughout the process. The project is expected to be built in 2019. This page will be updated regularly throughout the process with relevant documents.

We will be accepting comments through November 15th for the design phases.


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